ISDN Quality over a standard
analogue telephone line

....Live, bi-directional audio using your Laptop or PC


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Windows 98/NT/2000

POTS Codec for Windows PCs & Laptops...

Live studio-quality audio links and remotes via a standard analog telephone line...

A software-only broadcast quality POTS codec - for live reporting from the field.  Runs on Windows 98/NT/2000 PCs and Laptops and requires only a soundcard and modem. For reporters, correspondents and pro-audio users.

  • Live, high-quality, bi-directional audio over just a phone line
  • Automatically detects and adjusts for line quality
  • ISDN quality speech - where you can't get an ISDN line
  • Makes it simple and fast to get on-air from anywhere
  • Also works with high-speed GSM/data enabled mobile phones

Over a standard phone line

AudioTX POTS operates at up to 30kbps, offering reporter quality audio - at around 7.5kHz...

The software automatically detects line conditions and can adjust transmission speed to ensure that a good connection is maintained.

All you need is your PC or Laptop, with a soundcard and modem.

Over a high-speed GSM mobile phone

Some countries now have high-speed GSM networks offering data connections at similar speeds to standard modems - around 30-40 kbps.

AudioTX POTS is able to use these in the same way as a standard phone line.

You'll need a standard soundcard and modem or cable for your particular mobile phone.


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AudioTX POTS - the software equivalent of hardware POTS codecs... like comrex vector, comrex matrix, comrex hot line or comrex hotline, aeta scoop reporter, avc tieline, musicam voyager... cheaper, easier to use and more portable!

AudioTX POTS - a software only POTS codec... like aeta scoop reporter, avc tieline, musicam voyager, comrex vector, comrex matrix, comrex hot line or comrex hotline... cheaper, easier to use and more portable!

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