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POTS Codec for Windows PCs and Laptops

AudioTX POTS is very simple to use - try it for yourself with our FREE 30 day demo version

Here are some of the most common questions, but do email us if you can't find an answer here!


What is a POTS codec - and why is it called 'POTS'?

A POTS codec allows live connections - in the same way as an ISDN codec - but is designed to work over a standard telephone line. Audio is compressed and then sent and received as data over the phone line to offer a broadcast quality connection. POTS codecs can be used in areas where ISDN service is unavailable, or where you just need to get on air fast! As to the name: In telecom engineers lingo, POTS stands for Plain Old Telephone System.

What kind of quality can I expect?

The exact audio quality depends on the quality of the phone line. Most connections will give you about 7.5 kHz audio quality, which is good reporter quality speech. This is about the same audio bandwidth offered by the G.722 algorithm in ISDN codecs.

How reliable is AudioTX POTS?

AudioTX POTS has been designed to be used by broadcast professionals and so provides stable, reliable, live audio connections. Where line quality deteriorates, POTS detects this and steps down the data transmission rate. Where you have made a test call and see that the line quality is less than ideal, you can limit the highest data rate that the software should try.

Does AudioTX POTS work for international calls?

Yes. You should try a test connection first to see what the line quality is like. If necessary, you can then limit the connection speed as above to get a safer connection. Generally, most countries' phone systems are now good enough to give a high-quality connection.

What about mobile phones?

Ordinary GSM or analog mobile phones offer very low data rates - around 9600bps - this is too low to get a good connection. However in many countries, phones and networks which support high-speed GSM, or other fast data connections, provide data rates comparable with standard fixed phone lines - between 30 and 40 kbps. These are ideal for use with AudioTX POTS... all you need is a modem or cable that allows you to use your mobile phone's data capability.

What type of modem do I need to use AudioTX POTS?

Any good quality PC modem should work - a PCI, PCMCIA or USB modem is best though we have also tested some external serial modems successfully.

Some SoftModems (sometimes called WinModems) do not work, and if you are buying a new modem for POTS, we suggest that you avoid these.

What's the coding delay?

Depends on the modem, but approximately the same as an ISDN codec.

Is AudioTX POTS compatible with other POTS codecs?

No. The manufacturers of POTS codecs all use their own proprietary coding algorithms, so AudioTX POTS, in common with the others, is not compatible with other units.

What limitations are there in the trial version?

The trial version runs for 30 days, and each time you start the application, it will run for one hour - you can then restart the program to continue testing. Additionally, each connection is randomly disconnected after between 3 and 30 minutes.

OK, I'm convinced... How do I buy it?

You can buy AudioTX directly using our online ordering system. There are two purchase methods:

1. Hardware dongle - This is the preferred option as you can use the dongle on any PC... for example should there be a fault with your PC, all you need to do is move the dongle to another machine and you can continue working. The dongles are available in two versions - USB and LPT. Each is a small piece of plastic that connects to your PC or Laptop's USB or Printer port and must be in place whenever you use AudioTX POTS.

2. Software unlock code: make a note of the 'Product ID' which is shown on starting the demo version on the PC for which you wish to buy a license. Use this to purchase Communicator online from this site. You will be emailed a registration code - this normally takes only a few minutes. Enter the registration code into the registration screen shown at startup. This is a registration key which you can use to unlock the software on the PC from which you took the Product ID ONLY. If you change your PC or decide to (or have to) change major hardware components inside your PC like your hard drive (say if it crashes) or motherboard, you will have to purchase another key. Reinstalling or upgrading the operating system or other software changes do NOT normally cause a problem, but you do so at your own risk.


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AudioTX POTS - the software equivalent of hardware POTS codecs... like comrex vector, comrex matrix, comrex hot line or comrex hotline, aeta scoop reporter, avc tieline, musicam voyager... cheaper, easier to use and more portable!

AudioTX POTS - a software only POTS codec... like aeta scoop reporter, avc tieline, musicam voyager, comrex vector, comrex matrix, comrex hot line or comrex hotline... cheaper, easier to use and more portable!

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