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Soundcard and Modem compatibility information...

AudioTX POTS works requires only a standard soundcard and modem in your PC.  

Here's the guide on choosing compatible hardware...

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On this page, we have provided information on compatibility of Sound cards and modems for use with AudioTX POTS.

Most Sound cards and Modems are compatible, but there are a few basic considerations in choosing your hardware or working out whether your existing hardware will work ok.


Sound Card compatibility

The criterion for choosing a sound card are the same as for our AudioTX Communicator product. There is a full section of information and lists of tested cards in that part of the website... click here to go to this information. Also on the Communicator part of the site, you can purchase sound cards direct from is if you wish.


Modem compatibility

Most fairly new modems should be compatible with AudioTX POTS. We have tested PCI, PCMCIA, ISA and USB modems with success in almost every case. We have also found that some external serial port modems also work, though we would not recommend these as a first choice.

SoftModems (known as WinModems) do sometimes cause a problem and so not all of these will work. These special modems rely on the computer to do the work for them and are less reliable for audio transmission than a standard hardware modem. We suggest that you avoid these.

Here are some other useful pointers:

  • Your modem should be capable of at least 33kbps connections to get good audio quality... most new modems are 56k or even use the new V.92 standard, so this shouldn't be an issue unless you have a really old one!
  • Your modem should provide good reliable connections - for example, if you use it for connecting to the internet, does it drop connections, or does the connection freeze from time to time? If so, it will do exactly the same with POTS!

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AudioTX POTS - the software equivalent of hardware POTS codecs... like comrex vector, comrex matrix, comrex hot line or comrex hotline, aeta scoop reporter, avc tieline, musicam voyager... cheaper, easier to use and more portable!

AudioTX POTS - a software only POTS codec... like aeta scoop reporter, avc tieline, musicam voyager, comrex vector, comrex matrix, comrex hot line or comrex hotline... cheaper, easier to use and more portable!

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